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Hello !


If you have been brought here by either meeting me at a gig or festival, or maybe just from some loose social media connections, then thats great, thank you for taking the trouble to look me up.


I'm usually out and about at a gig most weeks, so if you do see me, please say hello!


The facebook page is probably more up to date than this site, so please feel free to like and share those posts with your friends and family.


I'll treat any new facebook page 'liker', with a welcome present of a free downloadable photo file of any one of the images shown on this site or facebook, as long as it's for your own personal use (non commercial). 

Just send me a message requesting the file with your email address.


You can also follow me on instagram too, if you like that sort of thing!


Please get in touch with any photo ideas you might have, or shows you need reviewing, either bands or solo artists, major festivals or local pubs, national or local media - the whole range of live music events considered.


Finally...all the content you will see on here is personally shot by me, therefore all the images are mine, but if you do want to share any of them on social media, then I'm happy for you to do so, as long as you keep the watermark on, or put a link to this site, or a link to the Facebook site in your post. 


I don't bark too much, but I'll bite if any of my images are stolen!



John is a contributor to:



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About is the work of John Hayhurst an independent freelance photographer and music journalist based in North Yorkshire who travels all over the UK for gigs.


John is an avid concert and festival attendee for well over 30 years.

This site is just a small selection of live music photography he has shot over the last few years

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